The GlowFit program is designed for the 40+ woman to get fit, get strong and make healthier choices. Our goal to unleash your inner athlete. With work and family schedules we can not always get to the gym or commit to a consistent face-to-face training schedule.  This program allows you to work out at your convenience. This program will be built around what tools you have access to.  If you are travelling, we can modify the program accordingly.


Why a Fitness Coach?

An online fitness and nutrtion coach can provide all the serivces of a face-to-face coach but without the higher fees associated with private training.  With the Glowfit app, ongoing communcation and follow up, you will always know that someone has your back and helping you succeed towards your goals.

A fitness coach also helps you towards your goals by encompassing your lifestyle outside of your fitness routine.  Fitness coaches build a personal relationship with you,  with the intention to provide the  support you need in order to reach your goals.

Online fitness coaching involves ongoing and continuous support. If you need assistance, you have easy ways to reach out. As the coach I see the workouts you have completed and the ones you have missed.


Is Online Training for me?

Think about your goals, motivation and your fitness level.  If you are new to working out or your fitness level is low you may benefit from a hybrid package which includes a combination of virtual or face-to-face sessions plus your online performance plan.

Do you have self-motivation to get the gym or your chosen place to train, only to arrive and not have a clear plan on how to reach your goals, then online coaching and the performance plan could be a solution.

If you have a jam-packed schedule and need a workout you can easily squeeze in, but want to ensure you reap the benefits, then a fitness coach can customize your workouts to accomodate your lifestyle.

If this does not sound like you and you know you need a face-to-face trainer [ click here ] for training in the Turks and Caicos!


How does Online Training work?

Our first step is for you too complete a series of questionaires with the purpose of discovering:

• Your goals

• Aches, pains or injuries

• Your fitness history

• Your current fitness routine

• Your daily food intake

I then take this information and develop a customized workout program, planned in 4 week blocks and then we change it up. I will provide nutritional guidance based on your goals.

You will download all of this via your app and start your journey.  You will be accountable to log each of your fitness sessions. You will be accountable to follow any dietary changes that have been made.

Communication is key to ensure to track improvements, results and struggles.  We are not perfect, so sometimes it is about making small changes to reach our long team goals.


Why Work With Me?



I have been in the industry for over 15 years.  I have owned and operated a private training studio for the past 6 years.  I have had long term clients with me for 8+ years. I continue my education in the industry because I love what I do.

I Care

I care. I am here to help.   We are not always perfect but if we can find that 80/20 balance or something close, we are doing great.  I am here to guide you on your journey.

Walk the Talk

I walk the talk.  I try to find balance with my fitness, healthy living and the social elements of living on a Caribbean Island.  l am not perfect and I work on balancing my strengths and weaknesses.


I truly believe in the importance of strength training. There is so much evidence of the benefits of strength training as we grow older.  I have seen this first hand, those that strength train have less issues with menopause and mobility then those who do not.


I will provide you with customized online fitness training, building programs based on your needs. Access your customized workouts at the gym, in your home or on the road.


It is not always about exact measures but we do need to be aware of calories in and calories out. There is one right plan for everyone. There are so many eating programs out there,  I will work with you to find solutions that fit your lifestyle,  your pace at which you want to accomplish change or just making sure you are on-track with a healthy eating lifestyle.

Goal Setting

GlowFit has an app system in place to keep you accountable and on track because we are not always perfect. It is about looking at our successes and modifying our challenges.  The better you keep your accountability on the app, the better I can adjust and modify your program towards results.


I like to stay in close contact with my clients.  I believe this helps contribute towards the success of your training. It maybe just a text to see how the program is going or it maybe a more indepth conversation addressing potential speed bumps along the way. 

Nancy Mizinski

Fitness Coach

The GlowFit Performance Plan is here to assist the 40+ professional women to get fit, get strong and make healthier choices.  It is about balance, not always perfection, but always about improving! Wether it is creating a training routine or getting back into a consistent training routine, I am here to create a plan that works for your lifestyle, to do at your convenience. Are you ready to unleash your inner athlete …  

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